Promotional RC Flight Instruction 

​A viable solution  to the decline in

our hobby/sport.                                                                                    

Teaching kids


I have 2.5 x 2.5" vinyl downspout

Note on 8:07 into the video how I instructed my first ever flight student to not look at the airplane while still flying. It works extremely well. 

We were using a 60 glow powered trainer, in 10 mph - 20 mph gust.

Youth Compeer:
Since our last update, we’ve enjoyed exploring new hobbies; such as, flying RC Airplanes and the sport of gymnastics. In November, we will be enjoying an afternoon of family fun while showcasing our bowling skills! We will also be exploring the area of astronomy at The ECO-Kids series. Of course, we are looking forward to our annual Christmas party, and I am excited to see what the New Year brings for all of us while serving in my new role as Director of Com-peer Niagara