Subject Matter Expert

Dear sirs:
                 I am offering a means for your business to be able to handle all in-the-field RC aeromodelling marketing.
What you will be able to do is have an employee give the public hands-on RC flight experience so that you won't have to depend on RC flying clubs anymore.
How it works is, you send a representative to me so I can train him how to use my unique and very effective RC flight instruction technique.
It shouldn't take less than a week, depending on her or his previous RC flying experience.
Once learned, your employee will be able to give a customer a 'test drive' of sorts to your customers. The employee can either/or give hands-on demos in-store or on any flying field.
All it should take to convince a potential customer to become very serious of getting into the hobby/sport and spending the several hundred dollars is approximately 10 minutes.

Your new hands-on sales person should be able to generate many new several hundred dollars sales per day. She or he can practice their new craft on a 7 day a week basis.
The cost to you would be travel expenses and room and board. Since I am using my equipment, glow fuel is $30 per gallon. I will probably use around 3 gallons at the most.
My main goal is to share this mass and rapid growth plan with the community. Meaning, I would like for you to pass on how successful this program is to everyone else.
It would be worth thousands of thousands of dollars to you and everyone else once it is passed on to the rest of the RC aeromodelling community.

Please take this offer into consideration, or pass it on to others in the industry.

Clarence C Ragland

The RT eliminates the problems associated with buddy-box training
Breakthrough: a sudden, dramatic, and important discovery or development.

No control reversal problems
Hour(s) per flight lesson as opposed to 6-10 minutes
Landing experience within 20 minutes of first ever learning experience
No problem teaching in 15-20 mph winds
Using the RT can train on simulator anywhere, anytime all year
All students learn at a very rapid pace and solo. Many on same day
Can do many takeoff and landing drills ASAP
Can easily teach others to use this method
Extremely productive marketing tool
Rapid progress from trainer to advanced aircraft. (First week)
Use with or without buddy-box
Beginner to instructor within a month of first ever lesson
The RT should be a flight training safety standard
Constant and immediate repeat sales for hobby shops
Using the RT, I have no problem with teaching/hands-on promoting with several other planes in the air at the same time
After the initial ground school and flight instruction, most, if not all verbal commands are only one or two spoken words. "Right, center, pull back, left, center, do nothing"

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I am not sure that the average member of the AMA today is concerned about the growth of the hobby. In fact, I am reasonably sure he or she doesn't care. As an organization, the AMA and the industry have a common interest in seeing the activity grow. In this sense, the AMA and the industry have more in common than the AMA and the large portion of its own membership. The typical AMA member is rightfully interested in what AMA is doing for him, not what AMA is doing for aero modeling.
Dave Brown  1994

Who will be the first member of the industry to take me up on my offer to save our hobby/sport?

What more do you have to lose?

All I ask is for you to send one representative to verify that what I claim is legitimate.

Why hobby shops are closing

"One of our biggest events for about 5 years running was having two booths in the Old Humble Oil Days. That was a downtown Humble, TX show of all kinds of stuff, booths lined back to back for 6 or more blocks down Main Street. Lots of folks coming by. We had all the things, models of all sizes, simulators, actual LARGE Trainer with Transmitter. and Buddy Cord for demonstrating how actual training worked. Lots of old magazines, with Club info inserted in, Club/Event Flyers for when, where,, contacts and about everything one could imagine for showing our fine facility on Club-Owned 50 acres with 5000 ft. shelter, and indoor rest facilities.
Each year, the CLUB AND A LHS DONATED AWARDS including a low cost electric trainer for a raffle at the show.

DID WE EVER GET A NEW MEMBER OUT OF THAT? NOT ONE! Therefore we shut the program down as the club could no longer invest the 3-500 Yankee dollars each year it cost us to show there with ZERO return on investment.

We have advertised and performed the AMA TAG program a number of times. In Sep. '09, we had a huge IMAC event. Sunday afternoon we ran a TAG program. Over 40 - I forget actual number - spectators received both simulator time and actual hands-on training by Club Intro. Pilots. Any new members? Not that I know of."

5014 Day Rd Flying Field Lockport, NY



A vision is a picture or idea you have in
your mind of what the end product needs to
deliver. It is an idea about what the future
will look like. It is about possibilities. A well defined
vision helps to focus and create a
purpose, which becomes the measurement
of success.
Nothing is accomplished, if there is no
vision to start things moving. A vision is the
capability to see beyond the current reality.
It also can be a powerful way to keep one
focused on what you want to achieve, while
keeping you motivated in achieving it.
No lasting achievement is possible
without a vision, and no dream can become
real without action and responsibility.

Kinesthetic Instant Teaching is to train people how to teach RC flight instruction.

It seems that too many people just don't get it.


John 8:32  "Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.

Like a poor marksman, everyone keeps missing the target. Poor Laura.

Think she will stay in the hobby? Many have quit because of similar what she is going through.

Membership growth is entirely in the hands of the altruistic we-teach- for-free club instructors.

No matter what program AMA initiates, or how much is spent, it means nothing because it's totally up to the club's (free) flight instruction system whether there is growth or not.

After all, as far as the club's instructor is concerned, he has no real incentive to spend his valuable field time to the chore of teaching newcomers. The industry wants tons more customers, but the same cannot be said of clubs and instructors.

I've been told by instructors that they don't mind teaching, but they will not go out of their way looking for trouble. 

Meaning if someone shows up the one day a week most clubs offer instruction,

instructors will give flight instruction,

but they will not go out of their way to search for newcomers to teach. 


People Who Say It Cannot Be Done Should Not Interrupt Those Who Are Doing It - Confucius

AMA Day Camp


Clubs offer so-called "free" instruction.

Remember, you get what you pay for. 

Club volunteer instructors, who basically have the last word on growth, have no obligation to provide anything.