Great sales promotion for hobby shop owners.

Just like car dealers who let their customers take a test drive to help make a sale. Shop owners can give customers this convincing test drive on a simulator in their store.

The "seed" has been planted when everyone of those I teach will learn how to teach as you are learning how to fly. 

This is my proactive promotion system. 

Seeing is believing. 

  • People are desperate to find RC flight instruction
  • No competition
  • Hobby shop owner's employees 
  • Related industry members
  • The enormous school system for new business
  • Earn at least $500 per customer - per week as pro flight instructor

    Promotional RC Flight Instruction 

    A comprehensive proactive approach

    Beginners will be able to safely fly both a Sig LT-40 and a low wing aircraft within an hour of their first lesson.

    ​​Using my method I have had most of those I've trained, learn to fly more advanced low wing aircraft immediately after receiving their initial low wing trainer experience (first day).

    This will help to drastically increase sales of ARFs, kits, and all things associated with RC aircraft.

    "Swim upstream. Go the other way.
    Ignore the conventional wisdom.
    If everybody else is doing it one way,
    there's a good chance you can
    find your niche by going in exactly
    the opposite direction."
    Sam Walton