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 Futaba 2.4 Ghz 6 channel    $219.99 (In stock)

Superstar RTF $299.99     Free 1 hour flight lesson with sale of all trainers. Also, we help with transition to more advanced aircraft.

Avistar RTF $319.99   (In stock)

Call:716-434-7965 or Email: fliers1@aol.com
Carl Goldberg Eagle II ARF $119.99 Sold

Blade CX2 RTF Electric Coaxial Micro Helicopter

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$294.99  (In stock)

On sale $250.99


Simple electric motor

New RC High School flying clubs

Future home of the

Thurgood Marshall RC Flying Club

More high school club RC flying clubs coming

Fixed and Heli

RC Flight Instruction


Learning how to use the RT is easy:  http://www.geistware.com/rcmodeling/ragland_technique.htm

YouTube video no buddy-box RC flight training. Learn to land on first lesson.  I have shown instructors how to do this within 30 minutes.

RC flight instruction is guaranteed with purchase of trainer airplane. Everyone will takeoff and land on very first ever flying experience. Solo within a few hours, many on first or second day. No one else in the world is capable of making this offer.

If any industry member is interested, please contact me. I could help to drastically increase sales.  

Your First Solo

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AMA President Dave Mathewson and his wife. With no buddy/box, 5 minutes into her first lesson

Sign 3 Fly Free Ambassador Program

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Brauer's Aviators T.A.G program was a complete success! 


RC Hobby Video..

AMA - Bringing Modelers Together

First lesson for a 4 year old

"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them."

-Albert Einstein

Offering RC helicopter hover and forward flight instruction
Use our equipment and/or bring yours. This is how we compete with mail order by offering this extremely effective value added customer service.

The secret to successful hands-on RC aircraft marketing for your business.

Let them fly before they buy
Free, 1 flight lesson with sale of all trainers. Also, we help with transition to more advanced aircraft.  Curious about flying RC aircraft? Everyone I teach can will land my trainer on their very first ever flying lesson.  Fear of crashing is why so many claim they are not interested in flying RC airplanes. IT'S NOT THE ECONOMY!! IT'S A SERIOUS LACK OF READILY AVAILABLE FLIGHT INSTRUCTORS.

 We have Omega, Coolpower  fuel.
Attention RC aeromodeling industry!
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 Gear up program


For Sale: Previously owned RTF trainers.
Flight lessons included with every trainer outfit

Many previously owned ready to fly RC airplane trainers